Does this sound like you?

Do you question if you’re intuitive enough, brave enough, smart enough or just plain enough to have what you yearn for, what you ache for, what keeps you awake at night?

Do you pretend that you’re okay with the way your life is (pick an area) when you know you’re not?

Do you feel you’ll never be READY?

Are you tired of your excuses, your compromises, and your regrets? Are you fed-up with envying others?

Are you ready to throw in the towel and forget the whole business of living your potential, of having the life you want?

You are not alone. And you CAN unlock the keys to your well-being and live without all THAT pain.

I know from over 3 decades of training and teaching, from my own experiences and from the long-term clients I’ve worked with that profound change can be made with simple changes - when you are ready.

That’s what Live Now - Devotion. Honesty. Honor. is – 12 simple questions, one question a week, to give you the keys to well-being for lasting, soulful change. 

Live Now - Devotion. Honesty. Honor. comes from my driving passion to live my soulful plain truth and help others live theirs. Joyously. Abundantly. And with an open heart.

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I’ve created Live Now for you…

  • To have the keys you need to stop questioning who you are and what you can have. 
  • To shine the light of soulful truth so clearly and lovingly that you no longer feel the need to pretend. 
  • To clear away any cobwebs of your uncertainty. 
  • To give you the soulful keys that unlock the hold you have on your heart yearnings and give you a solid way to move forward.
  • To give you the backbone-plain truth that will shatter your doubts, fears, and grievances. 
  • To create an on-going supportive, encouraging environment so you never have to feel that you’re alone, or that you’re not understood, or that you’re not enough.
  • To provide you with direct, soulful solutions that cut through your deepest fears with ease and love. 
  • To give you the keys you need to recommit to YOUR Plain Truth!
  • For you to have the well-being keys for lasting, soulful change. 

If you’re ready to unlock the keys to your well-being and happiness, buy Live Now - Devotion. Honesty. Honor.

You'll get:

  • At the end of completing each journal you'll get a personal Check-In-With-Gloria to make sure you get the support you need.
  • Lifetime access
  • 3 downloadable PDF journals
  • Follow along week by week, or at your own speed

Buy Now $229

Gloria Boysal

Gloria Boysal

Intuitive guide, mentor, teacher, writer, and lover of life (here and here after)

Helping people live the life they want to live
without all that pain

I'm Gloria Boysal and Connecting is my gift. I connect with the deepest part of your soul, your celestial buddies, and your deceased loved ones, and when I do I tell…the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

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